How to Cook With Propane Burners

Cooking with propane is a fast and efficient way to prepare meals outdoors on a grill or cook stove. Propane is a relatively lightweight fuel that is available at camping stores and at most big box home stores such as Lowe’s or Home Depot. Although cooking with propane is relatively easy, using propane burners requires caution. Follow these steps for a safe outdoor cookout.


• Connect the propane regulator hose or canister to the connection on your propane stove or grill.
• Light a match or lighter, hold it near the burner of your stove, and then slowly open the valve or flame control knob to release the propane. The stove or grill should light immediately. Never turn on the gas before lighting a match because this can allow gas to accumulate, which could cause an explosion.
• Adjust the flame to medium for cooking food or boiling water. If you are using a two-burner stove with separate flame control knobs, never leave both burning if you are using only one.
• Spray or pour a small amount of nonstick cooking oil in your pan or skillet to make cleanup easier.
• Preheat the pan or pot you are using on the burner if necessary, or add the food, immediately to the saucepan or skillet.
• Always monitor the flame on your burner while cooking. Some stove valves might not have a consistent release rate, causing fluctuations in your cooking flame. Never leave your propane cooker unattended.
• When you are finished cooking, turn off the burners and shut off the valve to the propane tank. This will help prevent a gas leak which is extremely unsafe as well as preventing the loss of the propane gas you will need on your next cookout.

Aluminum cookware is lightweight, but it can heat unevenly and get extremely hot very fast. If available, you might consider stainless steel or cast iron pots and pans for your outdoor cooking experience.

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