Bayou Classic Fried Turkey Recipe

Part 1 - Safety Alerts


WARNING: NEVER, EVER INSERT FROZEN OR PARTIALLY FROZEN POULTRY INTO HOT OIL! Doing so will cause a violent boil over and grease fire!

Before each use always test the thermometer to insure it is working properly!

Part 2 - Measuring the Oil


Place thawed turkey on poultry rack and place in empty, cold pot. POT SHOULD BE COMPLETE EMPTY. DO NOT ADD OIL.

Fill pot with water until turkey is covered. Remove turkey and rack from pot. Mark the water level. This is the amount of oil you will need to fry this particular turkey. Repeat above steps for each turkey you fry. Since each turkey is a different size, the amount of oil needed will be different.


Part 3 - Turkey Preparation

Clean and dry poultry inside & out, removing giblets and neck, and trimming away all excess fat and skin. Make sure opening around the neck cavity is wide and clear. . . very important!

Make a 1-inch cut in the skin at the leg-thigh joints. This allows oil to drain when poultry is done... very important!

Rub poultry with seasonings. Use poultry seasoning, Cajun seasonings or salt & pepper Push plunger down slowly while pulling injector out of meat to give even distribution of seasoning. Place turkey upside down on rack, with legs facing up, no batter required. Remember, poultry legs facing up.

Hint: If using a liquid marinade, inject into poultry at various points on the breast, thighs, and drumstick.

Hint: When using a dry powder marinade, mix with orange juice instead of water. The acidity in the orange juice enhances the marinade plus acts as a meat tenderizer.

Hint: Try injecting your favorite beer, wine, or sherry mixed with Worcestershire into chickens prior to frying or grilling. The results are spectacular!

Part 4 - Frying the Turkey

WARNING: When poultry is lowered into hot oil, it will cause the oil to splatter from a furious boil. This can cause severe burns; therefore, we recommended wearing gloves, a long-sleeved shirt, shoes and safety goggles.

Pour peanut oil into pot and attach thermometer to the top edge, making sure the stem of the thermometer is in the oil at least one inch... very important!

Typical oil amounts are:

26-Qt. - - - - - 2.75 Gallons

30-Qt. - - - - - - - - 3 Gallons

34-Qt. - - - - - - - - 4 Gallons

Following instructions light the gas cooker and set at a low flame.

Carefully place the pot on the cooker and adjust the flame higher.

Heat oil to 325 350F. Depending on the amount of oil used & weather conditions, it may take from 15 to 25 minutes for the oil to reach 325F. Optimum frying temperature is 350F.

When oil reaches 350F, reduce heat by turning regulator valve.

Attach grab hook to the top loop of the rack. Wearing gloves, very slowly & carefully lower poultry into pot. It may take 60-90 seconds to completely lower poultry into the oil!

WARNING: DO NOT DROP THE TURKEY INTO THE OIL! This could cause a boil-over resulting in a serious grease fire! SLOWLY lower the poultry into the oil.

WARNING: After passing 450F, cooking oil can heat up rapidly to its flashpoint of spontaneous combustion, which is a serious grease fire! Therefore, never leave cooker unattended!

After passing 450F, cooking oil can heat up rapidly to its flashpoint of spontaneous combustion, which is a serious grease fire! Therefore, never leave cooker unattended!

After cooking temperature is achieved, reduce the flame in order to maintain a constant temperature while cooking.

Control frying temperature by turning the valve on the hose & regulator assembly.

WARNING: Constantly monitor the thermometer!

When poultry is done, turn cooker off at the tank. Leaving pot on cooker, place grab hook through top loop of the rack and very carefully remove rack with poultry from pot.

Place rack with poultry on absorbent paper and allow to drain for few minutes.

Carefully remove poultry from rack and place on platter.


- Make sure poultry is completely thawed!

- DO NOT insert frozen or partially frozen poultry into hot oil!

- Slowly lower poultry into the hot oil. This may take 60 to 90 seconds.

- DO NOT DROP poultry into the hot oil!

- Cooking must be monitored at all times. Do not permit cooking temperature to exceed 350F.

- DO NOT leave pot and cooker unattended! Always monitor the thermometer!

- Always test thermometer prior to cooking!

- DO NOT use lid when frying. Use lid only when the pot is being used for other types of cooking such as boiling soups, stews, gumbos; or steaming vegetables and seafood.

- This unit gets very hot! DO NOT TOUCH! Keep children and pets at a safe distance while cooking and afterwards during the cool down period.

- Allow 2 hours for the oil to cool down before handling or cleanup.

After turkey is completely in the oil, remove grab hook from rack. Inserting the poultry will reduce the temperature of the oil. Slowly increase the heat so that the temperature of the oil will come back to 325-350F. This will take several minutes. Monitor the thermometer to maintain this temperature. (Chilly conditions may prevent the temperature from returning to 350F. If so, just add 3-4 minutes to overall cooking time.)

Fry turkey for 3 to 3 1/2 minutes per pound or until golden brown. (Ex: a 15 pound turkey will take between 45 and 50 minutes to cook.) Turkeys over 18 pounds typically take 60 minutes. Fry a single chicken for about 18 minutes. When using Bayou Classic detachable Skewer Set, fry up to 3 chickens in about 20 minutes. Cooking time begins when poultry is completely inserted into the pot.

Equipment Used:

Bayou Classic Turkey Fryer Kit #9195